Pecopteris stem

This is a detailed closeup of a pecopteris stem. A thin layer of coal originally covered the surface of this specimen. Most has been scaled off, revealing numerous dimples covering the outside of an inner cortex layer of the stem. These dimples are likely vascular structures which served small leaflets attached to the stem in life.

Rock Type: Gray shale
Formation: Allegheny
Interval: Middle Kittanning seam
Age: Middle Pennsylvanian Period, approx. 301 million years.

Location: Lincoln County, West Virginia; Copley Trace Surface Mine #2, located about 10 miles west of Atenville, West Virginia. Take Route 68 west for 3 miles, turn left on Route 68 / 1 (Francis Creek Road) and drive approximately 6 miles. Veer left up Kiah Creek, continue approx. 1.5 miles to Copley Trace. Take next right, proceed up ridge past Meeks Cemetary. Truck access only.